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Inspecting the house you wish to buy is a critical step that must be undertaken before purchase to determine the state of the property and the quality of your investment.

The National Building Inspectors and Experts Association (NBIEA) and its members care about consumers confidently choosing a qualified professional for the inspection of their house.

NBIEA is an association and grouping of building inspectors and experts, a non-profit organization promoting excellence and professionalism within our industry.

NBIEA is the result of the common will of its members, inspectors and experts, to oversee their professional practice; to this effect, they unanimously adopted the most demanding standards of practice proposed by the organizations governing real estate in Quebec. Furthermore, each inspector has accepted to submit to a rigorous assessment of their knowledge before being admitted into the group..

We are very proud of our inspectors’ accomplishments who, during the LAST five years, were able to enhance the quality of their inspection services and professional expertise to meet their clients’ expectations. Each member must complete many continuous trainings each year.

The association's goals are:
  • To provide to the public the opportunity of using qualified building inspectors and experts.

  • To protect the public with mandatory professional liability errors and omissions insurance program for all building inspectors and experts.

  • To support training programs, to keep the knowledge level high, as well as to inform potential inspectors in what areas they require to raise/upgrade their knowledge base.

  • To establish and maintain the status of building inspectors and experts throughout all sectors of Canadian society, including governments, agencies, consumers and other applicable representative parties of interest through education, certification and follow up, practice and continuing education.

  • To promote the National Certification Program for building inspectors throughout Canada.

  • To represent and promote the profession of building inspectors and experts throughout Canada.

  • To represent and promote the interests of the members.

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